Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Sleepy Hollow,
Westchester County, NY

This was my first time ever at this park. The temperature was really warm; it may have even hit 60 degrees. It was a cloudy, gloomy day, with melting snow causing fog - which really gave an eerie felling to this hike. This park has many of well-preserved nature trails and pleasant rolling hills. Not exactly mountains but has climbs of about 250-300 feet.

Parked at main entrance, walked towards Swan Lake and took the Overlook Trail above the lake. Then took the Old Sleepy Hollow Road Trail, crossed the Pocantico River, and bushwacked up the northern side of Eagle Hill. Went along the Eagle Hill Trail on its western flank, then bushwacked down the steep southern side of the hill to the Pocantico River trail. Took this trail back to the Old Sleepy Hollow Road Trail. then took the Nature Trail back to parking area.

Overlook Trail overlooking Swan Lake

Old Sleepy Hollow Road Trail crossing Pocantico River

Heading towards the Eagle Hill Trail.
Note the fog caused by the melting snow. Really Cool.

On top of Eagle Hill facing West.
Mountains in the distance are the Palisades in Rockland.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stony Brook - Pine Meadow Brook

Near Sloatsburg
Harriman State Park
Rockland County, New York

This hike takes place during a snowstorm. I first headed out to Pine Swamp Mountain in Harriman, heading by way of Gate Hill Rd. towards 7 Lakes Dr. As I approach the traffic circle, I see the 7 Lakes Drive is CLOSED in the north direction, probably due to the snow conditions. So I headed on 7 Lakes Drive south towards Sloatsburg, and parked at the big Trailhead by the Pine Meadow Trail. Took the Pine Meadow Trail east along the Stony Brook to the yellow Stony Brook Trail. Then to the Kakiat Trail upstream along the Pine Meadow Brook and Cascade of Slid. Turned around by the Seven Hills trail which shortly connected to the Pine Meadow Trail on the other side of the brook, and headed back on the Pine Meadow Trail. The fresh snow falling was absolutely amazing.

Intersection of Route 202 and 306
Looking North at Lime Kiln Mountain.
(I love the contrast in this picture!)

Lime Kiln Mountain facing southwest from Call Hollow Rd.

Gate Hill Road - The windy part before the Traffic Circle

On Pine Meadow Trail at beginning of Hike

Stony Brook from the Pine Meadow Trail

Another view of Stony Brook

Waterfall at Cascade of Slid
Full view of Cascade of Slid.
Along the Kakiat Trail.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

North Hook Mountain

Palisades Cliffs
Hook Mountain State Park
Rockland County, New York

Went on hike to search for any minerals in the old diabase quarries, and then climbed the cliffs to the summit. Parked at Rockland Lake Landing parking site, walked down closed landing road to the quarries. Then bushwacked up to the top of the mountain, hit the Long Path and hiked down the Long Path to the trailhead.

Sheer cliff wall from the bottom, at old quarry near the landing
Another Cliff Perspective

A View of the Mountain from Behind the Trees

Ascending the mountain, with Hudson R. in Background
Facing South/Southeast

View near the peak of North Hook Mnt.
Hudson River facing East towards Ossining.
View from Summit of North Hook Mnt, facing South.
Overlooking Hook Mountain and Hudson,
with Tappan Zee Bridge slighly visible in distance.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mount Defiance

Ringwood State Park
Passaic County, New Jersey

Hike at Ringwood up Mount Defiance. Was a really cold day in late fall - about 20 degrees or so. Started at the lower parking lot, went on the large tree meadow to Swan Pond, took the Cross Over trail north to the Halifax Trail up Mount Defiance. Bushwacked to the viewpoint, then continued back on the trail to the Ringwood Ramapo Trail. Took the Ringwood Ramapo trail north to top of mountain, then turned around and headed back down.

Mount Defiance looking West from the Tree Meadow

Swan Pond looking northeast towards Mt. Defiance

Halifax Trail trailhead

On top of Mt. Defiance looking West/Northwest