Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Sleepy Hollow,
Westchester County, NY

This was my first time ever at this park. The temperature was really warm; it may have even hit 60 degrees. It was a cloudy, gloomy day, with melting snow causing fog - which really gave an eerie felling to this hike. This park has many of well-preserved nature trails and pleasant rolling hills. Not exactly mountains but has climbs of about 250-300 feet.

Parked at main entrance, walked towards Swan Lake and took the Overlook Trail above the lake. Then took the Old Sleepy Hollow Road Trail, crossed the Pocantico River, and bushwacked up the northern side of Eagle Hill. Went along the Eagle Hill Trail on its western flank, then bushwacked down the steep southern side of the hill to the Pocantico River trail. Took this trail back to the Old Sleepy Hollow Road Trail. then took the Nature Trail back to parking area.

Overlook Trail overlooking Swan Lake

Old Sleepy Hollow Road Trail crossing Pocantico River

Heading towards the Eagle Hill Trail.
Note the fog caused by the melting snow. Really Cool.

On top of Eagle Hill facing West.
Mountains in the distance are the Palisades in Rockland.

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