Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fingerboard Mountain and Lake Tiorati

Harriman State Park
Orange County, NY

Hiking Members:
Sruli Rosenberg

Started off on this frigid winter day towards the frozen lakes in Harriman. Parked by Tiorati Circle on 7 Lakes Drive, headed up the newly designated, blue-blazed Lake Tiorati Trail to the Appalachian and Ramapo Dunderberg Trails. Went south up Fingerboard Mountain on the AT/RD, then took the Hurst down towards the lake. Stopped for a break at the Fingerboard shelter where we met a bunch of Korean's cooking up a warm lunch. At the end of the Hurst Trail at 7 Lakes Drive, bushwacked down the steep cliffs to Lake Tiorati. Headed east of the frozen lake towards Camp Thendara at the frozen boat docks, then hiked to almost all of the islands on the lake before heading north back to the car.

Lake Tiorati Trail Blaze heading up Fingerboard

On Appalachian Trial continuing up Fingerboard

Facing east overlooking Lake Tiorati

On top of Fingerboard facing east.
Lake Tiorati and Hudson River in far view.

Appalachian/Hurst Trail Junction

Our friends the Korean's warming up at the
fire at the Fingerboard shelter.

In the Rhododendron Forest on the Hurst Trail.

Lake Tiorati! This lake is huge!

I'm on the first island we encountered

Swimming Rules.

Camp Thendara Canoe Dock
Fingerboard Mountain in the background.
Looking north towards all the Ice Fisherman.

Another Island.Conquering the Island

One of my best shots.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lake Welch and Lake Welch Islands

Harriman State Park
Rockland County, NY

Hiking Members:
Sruli Rosenberg

Hike on frozen Lake Welch and after a small snowstorm. We hiked on lake and explored the Islands on Lake Welch, and then bushwacked to a trail and continued the hike on a trail. There was about 3 inches of fresh snow on top of the frozen lake. We encountered several ice-fisherman as well as cross-country skiers on the lake. The three islands on the lake, which we explored, were very dense with brush and small tress and we had to crawl on hands and feet through them.

We then hiked on the lake to the frozen and snow-covered beach, and then attempted to find the old Hasenclever Road. We couldn't find the road so ended up bushwacking from Lake Welch north to the Beech trail. Took the Beech trail west towards the road, then walked along the road back to the car.

Looking east from the road.
The lake is quite busy with skiers and fishermen.

Ice Fisherman complete with a portable grill.
(They told us they brought along extra fish
in case they don't catch any)
One of the islands is in the background.

The hiking team: Heshy and Sruli

Heshy emerging from the dense brush on the island.
Note the thick layer of ice on the brush.

Sruli hiking along the lake.

Jackie Jones tower in the snow and fog.
Looking south from center of lake.

Sruli climbing a flagpole at the lifeguard station

Pretty stream in the snow during the bushwack part

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anthony's Nose

Hudson Highlands
Westchester County, New York

Hiking Members:
Mordy Neuman

Hike up Anthony's Nose the day after a snowstorm, with a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Weather was about 20 degrees (Fahrenheit). We were the first ones to make the footsteps in the snow on the hike, and the only people on the hike that day. Started on Route 6/202 Trailhead by Broccy Creek, and ascended to summit on the Camp Smith Trail. Got lost near the top since the trail markers were on the rock face which was covered with snow. But found the trail and summit shortly thereafter.

Mordy Neuman at the trailhead

Dunderberg Mountain, The Timp, & West Mountain
from across the Hudson.
Iona Island below.
Photo taken at lower viewpoint, facing Southwest.

Bear Mnt Bridge crossing Hudson River. Facing West.
Overlooking Palisades Pkwy, Hell Hole (Route 9w Br.)
And Popolopen Torne behind the Palisades

Full view of Bear Mountain facing westward.
The lodge, field, and a frozen Hessian Lake are visible.

Facing Southwest - Dunderberg, Timp, West Mnts.
Railroad bridge crossing river towards Iona Island.

Facing North across river:
Village of Fort Montgomery and Military Reservation

Me at the summit, overlooking Bear Mnt. Bridge

Yours Truly

Sunday, January 4, 2009

West Mountain - AT Approach

Hudson Highlands
Orange County, New York

Hike up West Mountain on the Appalachian Trail on a nice, but cold, winter day. Started on hiker's trailhead off 7 Lakes Drive near Perkins Drive, and went west on 1777 W Trail to the Appalachian Trail. Took the Appalachian up West Mountain, to the junction of the Timp Torne trail, with some awesome views along the steep ridge. Then took Timp Torne trail north down the mountain, and towards the bottom bushwacked towards a strange quarry. I have seen this "quarry" from afar previously, but didn't know exactly know what it is so I decided to explore. After visual following towards the quarry, I climbed up a steep, almost perpendicular cliff of dumped rock tailings at the quarry edge. I explored the area and still have no idea what this area is. There are huge, freshly crushed boulders in middle of nowhere, and the area is quite large. I snooped around and found a few rough Chondrodite crystals. Then headed on the service road that leads to the quarry back to the trailhead.

The Appalachian Trail before the ascent

At first lookout on West Mnt. looking north towards Military Lands
On top of West Mountain looking east.
Dunderberg Mountain, Hudson River, and Peekskill

Looking Northeast at Anthony's Nose

Looking north towards the great Bear Mountain

Fresh Tailings at "The Quarry"