Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fingerboard Mountain and Lake Tiorati

Harriman State Park
Orange County, NY

Hiking Members:
Sruli Rosenberg

Started off on this frigid winter day towards the frozen lakes in Harriman. Parked by Tiorati Circle on 7 Lakes Drive, headed up the newly designated, blue-blazed Lake Tiorati Trail to the Appalachian and Ramapo Dunderberg Trails. Went south up Fingerboard Mountain on the AT/RD, then took the Hurst down towards the lake. Stopped for a break at the Fingerboard shelter where we met a bunch of Korean's cooking up a warm lunch. At the end of the Hurst Trail at 7 Lakes Drive, bushwacked down the steep cliffs to Lake Tiorati. Headed east of the frozen lake towards Camp Thendara at the frozen boat docks, then hiked to almost all of the islands on the lake before heading north back to the car.

Lake Tiorati Trail Blaze heading up Fingerboard

On Appalachian Trial continuing up Fingerboard

Facing east overlooking Lake Tiorati

On top of Fingerboard facing east.
Lake Tiorati and Hudson River in far view.

Appalachian/Hurst Trail Junction

Our friends the Korean's warming up at the
fire at the Fingerboard shelter.

In the Rhododendron Forest on the Hurst Trail.

Lake Tiorati! This lake is huge!

I'm on the first island we encountered

Swimming Rules.

Camp Thendara Canoe Dock
Fingerboard Mountain in the background.
Looking north towards all the Ice Fisherman.

Another Island.Conquering the Island

One of my best shots.


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