Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anthony's Nose

Hudson Highlands
Westchester County, New York

Hiking Members:
Mordy Neuman

Hike up Anthony's Nose the day after a snowstorm, with a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Weather was about 20 degrees (Fahrenheit). We were the first ones to make the footsteps in the snow on the hike, and the only people on the hike that day. Started on Route 6/202 Trailhead by Broccy Creek, and ascended to summit on the Camp Smith Trail. Got lost near the top since the trail markers were on the rock face which was covered with snow. But found the trail and summit shortly thereafter.

Mordy Neuman at the trailhead

Dunderberg Mountain, The Timp, & West Mountain
from across the Hudson.
Iona Island below.
Photo taken at lower viewpoint, facing Southwest.

Bear Mnt Bridge crossing Hudson River. Facing West.
Overlooking Palisades Pkwy, Hell Hole (Route 9w Br.)
And Popolopen Torne behind the Palisades

Full view of Bear Mountain facing westward.
The lodge, field, and a frozen Hessian Lake are visible.

Facing Southwest - Dunderberg, Timp, West Mnts.
Railroad bridge crossing river towards Iona Island.

Facing North across river:
Village of Fort Montgomery and Military Reservation

Me at the summit, overlooking Bear Mnt. Bridge

Yours Truly

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