Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long Path - Lake Skanatati

Harriman State Park,
Rockland County,
New York

Total Time: 1:15 Hours
Total Distance: 2 Miles

I had attempted to hike to the Hogencamp Mine on this early autumn day, but I ran out of time on the hike, so only made it 3/4 of the way before I had to turn back. The sky was very clear and the tress had just started changing color. I started at the Long Path at the parking lot off of 7 Lakes Drive at Lake Skanatati, and went along the same trail some 3/4 the the way to the Hogencamp Mine before turning around and taking the same return route.

I took pictures at the end facing Lake Skanatati and then climbed up to Lake Askoti for some more beautiful fall foliage photos.

Map of the route.

Lake Skanatati from the Long Path.
Facing south towards 7 Lakes Drive.

Lake Skanatati from Long Path.
Facing Parking area at Lake.

Lake Askoti and 7 Lakes Drive.
Facing North from Long Path crossing.

Lake Askoti. Facing East.

Lake Askoti. Facing North.

Lake Askoti. What a shot!
Facing east.

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  1. My husband and I used to fish on Lake Skanatati and we also hiked a trail which went by the Lemon Squeeze rock formation and it also farther on was a fishing lake that we once paid for a key to drive to it. We also took our two children there many times to fish or hike. All of the lakes are beautiful. Such wonderful memories! I remember it all even Lily Pond