Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bradley Mine/
Bradley Mountain

Harriman State Park
Orange County,
New York


Lake Tiorati Trail: Blue blaze
Long Path: Green blaze
Appalachian Trail: White blaze

Hiking Partners:
Feige Koegel
Shimmy Rosenberg

Total Time:
2:00 hr
Estimated Distance: 3.4 Miles

The National Weather Service had issued a blizzard warning for Sunday, so we need to get most of this hiking done before the snow started. This was the first significant snow of the season, and they said it was going to be a big one. At the end of the storm there was 2 feet of snow in the area. It was cold and chilly in the beginning, and then started flurrying about half hour into the hike. For the last twenty minutes the snow really started picking up and we are glad we left when we did.

We parked at Tiorati circle, and took the short Tiorati Lake trail up the hill towards the water tower, and then from there we bushwacked along the water pipeline to the Long Path. From there we crossed Arden Valley Road and went up the steep incline through the mine tailing to the Bradley Mine. The Bradley Mine is one of the best mine exploration point, with a deep crevice of cut rock you walk through before getting to the main tunnel, which is very large and impressive.

From the Bradley Mine we bushwacked up to the top of Bradley Mountain, and then bushwacked down to the Long Path for a brief track, and then took the unmarked road trail to the Appalachain Trail. We headed north on the Appalachian towards the viewpoint on Fingerboard Mountain, and then bushwacked down the stream which had a beautful frozen waterfall. At this point the snow started falling at a steady pace. From there we went through the frozen swampy area to 7 Lakes Drive, and headed along 7 Lakes Drive walking along the side of the road back towards where we started.

Map of the route.

The ascent along mine tailings off
Arden Valley Rd.
The crevice in the rock at the beginning of the mine
Walking through the crevice
The entrance to the mine from the crevice
Inside the mine tunnel.
Lighting is thanks to my camera's night vision option.

Looking out the mine entrance from inside the mine.

Another view inside the mine with a vent shaft on the left.
View from atop Bradley Mountain. Looking south.
View from Fingerboard Mountain view on the AT.
Looking South.
Frozen Waterfall off the AT
Shimmy with a Deer Skull with Antlers.

Walking along 7 Lakes drive, with the snow just
started to come down steady.

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