Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cobus Mountain

Harriman State Park,
Rockland County
New York

Total Time: 1:30 hr
Estimated Distance: 2.3 miles
Level of Difficulty: Slightly Difficult
Level of Interest: Recommended; though may be difficult to climb and requires bushwack.
Points Of Interest: Great view and rarely climbed viewpoint, though slightly off the beaten path.

Kakiat Trail: White blaze
Gas Line
Mountain Trail: Orange blaze

Hiking Partner:
Shimmy Rosenberg

Google Map of Parking:

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Map of the Route
Me climbing the scramble part.

View from the top. Facing South.
Mountain on the left is Kakiat.
Sheraton Crossroads is visible in the distance.

View of Power Lines from the top.
Facing southwest.

View from top, facing southeast towards
Rockland Community College (RCC)

Shimmy on the rockface at the summit.

Me at the top.

Me at the rockface at the summit

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