Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Waterfall at headwaters of Willowemoc Creek

Near Parksville,
Sullivan County,
New York

When I was a child I went to camp in the Catskills near Parksville. There was a beatiful waterfall along the headwaters of the Willowemoc Creek we would hike to near the camp. I had remembered where these waterfalls were, but haven't been there since I was a kid. Since I was staying in the Catskills for a week, I decided to see if I could find these waterfalls. It had just rained several inches the day before, so I figured this was a great oppurtunity. I did find the falls and indeed they were beatiful and just as I had remembered them. Since they are on private property I am not posting any locality or other info, just the pictures.

The main waterfalls.
The drop is about 50 feet.

Side view of the main waterfalls.

One of the side waterfalls.

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