Monday, September 26, 2011

Rockhouse Mountain
and Lake Welch

Harriman State Park,
Rockland County,
New York

Took unmarked trails and bushwacks

Total Time: 0:20 hr
Estimated Distance: 0.6 Miles
Level of Difficulty: Difficult but very short
Level of Recommendation: Recommended
Points Of Interest: Highest Point in Rockland County, Nice View

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My time has been very short this time of the year and I lacked the time to take lengthy hikes. So I will post several shorter hikes for the next several weeks. Before hiking up Rockhouse Mountain I stopped at Lake Welch right after the Causeway on Route 106 for views of the Lake. The trees have just slightly started changing color and this could officially count as the first fall foliage hike.

Rockhouse Mountain is officially the highest point in Rockland County at 1,283 feet tall. There is no trail going up this mountain. There is somewhat of an overgrown path, but the hike is pretty much a bushwack. I had hiked this area for the first time in early April of this year. I decided to explore a bit more with the green on the trees, and also needed a very short hike, which this afforded. Although I didn't hit the actual summit, which is further east/northeast, I came close and made the view.

I parked on Lake Kanawauke Rd (County Route 106) after it winds along the side of Rockhouse Mountain on a side pull-off near the Long Path trail, and climbed the mountain on its western flank, which is full of rocky boulders. Climbed to the view and summit, went a little more along the ridge, and then bushwacked down the steep slope back to the road slightly before the bend and then hiked back along the side of the road.

Map of the Route
Lake Welch from the Causeway. Facing Southwest.
Lake Welch from the Causeway. Facing Northeast.
Lake Welch from the Causeway. Facing Southwest.
Talus, Rocks. and Boulders Ascending Rockhouse Mountain
View From Atop Rockhouse. Facing Southwest.

View From Atop Rockhouse. Facing Southwest towards the Swamp.
Lake Kanawauke Rd (Route 106) with early fall foliage.
Facing Lake Welch Parkway overpass in the Green Swamp.

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