Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rockland Lake Loop

Rockland Lake State Park,
Rockland County,
New York

Hiking Trails:

Rockland Lake Loop path

Total Time: 1:10 hour
Estimated Distance: 3 miles
Level of Difficulty: Very easy
Level of Recommendation: Recommended for an easy walk, though too busy
Points Of Interest: Lake loop with nice views

Google Map of Parking:

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Rockland Lake is a well-known jogging and biking location. I had wanted a very relaxed walk, so this was perfect as it is not strenuous at all, and flat and paved the entire way. It technically is not really a hike since its a paved path, but due to the popularity of Rockland Lake and its scenic overtures I included it here.

The biggest problem with Rockland Lake is that it is always busy. Although the weather was very cold and gloomy, it was still a Sunday and was full of joggers, which took away from the serenity. Normally there is an $8 charge on weekends, but in the winter there is no one there so it is free. I parked in the main parking area north of the lake, and headed west and looped around the lake counterclockwise. There is much pretty scenery to be seen, and there is always interesting wildlife at the lake. The loop around the lake is almost exactly 3 miles. Rockland Lake is the area's largest natural lake, and was the former home of the largest ice-making company, the Knickerbocker Ice Company.

Map of the Route

Looking east towards Hook Mountain behind Rockland Lake

Looking northwest towards Hi Tor

A Pretty Swan, Near an Eider Duck

Informational Plaque Describing Knickerbocker Ice Company
on the ruins of the old factory/warehouse

A really nice falcon. Don't know specifically which type this is.
It was in midst of eating some sort of rodent, when it turned and
noticed me nearby with my camera.

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  1. The lake is wonderful and kept very nice.too bad you can't say the same for the golf course. It has been the worse I have ever seen it. Why isn't it kept up to "par"' like the rest of the lake ?