Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sentinel Peak and Tumamoc Hill

Sentinel Peak Park
Pima County,

Total Time: 0:40 hour
Estimated Distance: 1.3 miles
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Level of Recommendation: Recommended for a short and easy hike near downtown Tucson
Points Of Interest: Beautiful Saguaros and views of Tucson

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I was still in Tucson, Arizona for a trade show, and though it was the end of the day I wanted to take a quick hike before sunset. There is a small mountain called Sentinel Peak right outside of downtown Tucson, with sweeping views of the entire city of Tucson. There is a also a road up the mountain, but I found a parking area on the bottom of the mountain with a trail that climbs up.

I climbed up the trail towards Tumamoc Hill, and then turned back down to Sentinel Peak towards the road. As it was getting dark and late, I opted to head back down the road instead of up the view at Sentinel Peak. I only had my phone camera with me, and unfortunately my SD card on the phone got corrupted and I lost all the pictures from this hike.

Map of the Route

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