Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bull Hill / Mt. Taurus

Hudson Highlands State Park,
Putnam County,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Washburn Trail: White blaze
Notch Trail: Blue blaze
Brook Trail: Red blaze
Cornish Trail: Blue blaze

Total Time: 2:40 hour
Estimated Distance: 5.4 miles
Level of Difficulty: Difficult
Level of Recommendation: Recommended
Points Of Interest: Interesting quarry, views, and old ruins
Pros: Good climb, climb from Sea Level to Mountain Top, Good scenery
Cons: Terrain not as dramatic as nearby Breakneck Ridge, Washburn Trail is poorly marked.

Google Map of Parking:

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Bull Hill, also known as Mt. Taurus, has a summit of over 1400 feet, starting at near sea level. It is a very good climb, but is not nearly as dramatic and steep as its northern neighbor Breakneck Ridge. It was a hot and steamy day in June, and climbing over 1400 in this weather was definitely a bit of a challenge. The 17-Year Cicadas were doing their high-pitched chirp throughout the hike.

I parked on the parking area on Route 9D right after Cold Spring, and took the Washburn Trail up the mountain to the summit. I then took the Notch Trail down the mountain, and then the Brook Trail for a short while at the end of the Cornish Estate, and then the Cornish Trail all the way back to the parking area. Along the Cornish Trail at the end there are many old abandoned homes and structures.

Map of the Route.
Hudson Highlands State Park

Washburn and Cornish Trails Intersection at the Beginning of the Hike

Old Quarry Near the Beginning of the Hike.
I heard that this quarry used to supply rock for the Brooklyn Bridge,
but have not verified if that information is true.

The First View, Overlooking Cold Spring and the Hudson.
Facing South.

View Across the Hudson River to the Crow's Nest,
the Mountain Directly South of Storm King.

Me at the First View, Overlooking Cold Spring

View Ascending the Mountain, Looking Across the River.
The Notch in the right-center is Route 9W,
with Butter Hill on Storm King Mnt to the Right

Storm King Mountain in the Distance.
Facing West.

View South Near the Summit - Looking at West Point,
with Anthony's Nose and Dunderberg in the Distance

View at the Summit Facing North Toward Beacon Mountain

View from the Summit Facing Northwest,
Towards the Rocky Face of Breakneck
Someone With Way Too Much Time,
Balancing Rocks on this Fallen Tree on the Notch Trail
Descending the Mountain

One of the Many Abandoned Structures Along the Cornish Trail


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