Friday, February 14, 2014

Franklin Canyon Park

Santa Monica Mountains,
Los Angeles, California

Total Time:
1:00 hour
Estimated Distance: 2.5 miles
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Level of Recommendation: Recommended
Points of Interest: Views and lake
Pros: Short, scenic hike within city limits
Cons: Lots of people here

Hiking Trails:
Chaparral Trail
Blinderman Trail
Ranch Trail

Hiking Partner:
Chaim Conrad Maline

I had visited Los Angeles for the weekend for a friend's wedding, and had about an hour to do a hike on Friday. The Santa Monica Mountains are within the Los Angeles city limits, and I looked on Google Maps for a nearby hike in the mountains to where I was staying in the city, and found Franklin Canyon. I met up with an old friend while out for breakfast in the morning, and he joined me for the hike.

We parked at the parking area closer to Mullholland Drive, and took the Chaparral Trail up the hill to the Blinderman Trail, and then down the valley and along the ridge to the Ranch Trail. We went along the eastern portion of the reservoir and then continued along the trail going south. We then took the old fire road along the west side of the ridge (I don't know the name of this trail) back to the parking area. The scenery is remarkable in that the tops of the ridge are scrub and more desert-like, where the lower valley portions of this hike are densely forested.

Chaim Conrad took his camera and took the pictures, and when I get this pictures from him I'll post them here.

Map of the Route

Pine Trees in Beverly Hills on the Way to Franklin Canyon

Me at the Viewpoint Above the Reservoir
Chaim Conrad at the Viewpoint Above the Reservoir
The Reservoir from the Eastern Shore

Interesting Tree on the Canyon Floor

Me at a View on the Way Back
Chaim at a View

View Looking Down the Canyon South Towards LA

Looking Across the Canyon
Looking North into the Canyon Towards the Valley

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