Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nyack Beach State Park

Rockland Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:

Nyack Beach Trail

Total Time: 1:40 hour
Estimated Distance: 3.7 miles
Level of Difficulty: Very Easy
Level of Recommendation: Recommended
Points of Interest: River view and cliffs
Pros: Breathtaking Scenery
Cons: Very busy on weekends, little shade until later in day, and parking fee

Google Map of Parking:

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I still had to take it easy with my knee, so this was a longer hike but with a very easy path that is mostly the same grade. I figured I would hike along the path and get as far as I was able to before turning back.

I parked at the main entrance for Nyack Beact State Park. There is an entrance fee here on weekends of $6. I walked along the trail which goes along the river side, and went on it for about two miles. The trail is very scenic, with the broad part of the Hudson River to the right, and the tall steep cliffs of the Palisades to the left. However, it is extremely busy on weekends with hikers, bikers, and casual walkers, and the trail is very wide making it feel more like a walk then a hike. Also the shade cover is very sparse, which left me exposed to the sun for much of the way, and I had forgotten sunblock.

I had walked up all the way to the intersection with the road to Rockland Lake Landing, and from there I took the short spur path that hugs the side of the cliff and old quarry, back to the landing road, and then off to a short parallel side path that goes next to the river side trail. This eventually merges back to the river side trail which I then took back to my car.

Map of the Route.
Hudson-Palisades Trail Map

Looking South Towards the Tappan Zee Bridge
at the Beginning of the Walk

Looking Northeast Across the River Towards Ossining.
Fisherman Fishing in the Hudson River.

Large Catfish Caught by a Fisherman and Strung to a Tree.
He was Still Slightly Flapping as I Walked By.

The Sheer Cliffs of the Palisades Towering To the Left

Another View of the Palisades

Straight Cliff of the Palisades Towering Above the Trail

View Looking North

Looking Across the Hudson R. Towards Sing Sing Prison

Another View of the Palisades Cliffs

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