Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rockland Lake Biking

Rockland Lake State Park
Rockland Co.,
New York

Total Time: 0:20 hour
Estimated Distance: 3.2 miles
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Level of Recommendation: Recommended for an easy scenic bike ride
Points of Interest: Pretty Lake
Pros: Scenic and enjoyable bike path
Cons: Lots of people, cost money to park

Google Map of Parking:

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This was my first outdoor excursion since my surgery, and while hiking was still off-limits, simple biking was permitted since its not weight-bearing. So I took out my bike, brushed off the test, inflated the tires, and adjusted the brakes for some biking. I figured Rockland Lake is short enough as well as totally flat to try my first real outdoor activity.

The path surrounds Rockland Lake, and the loop is about 3 miles. Except for part of the northern part of the trail, the entire rest of the trail follows the shoreline of the lake.

Pictures were taken with my cell phone camera.

Map of the Route

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