Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lime Kiln Mountain
Harriman State Park

Rockland Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Tuxedo-Mount Ivy (T-MI) Trail: Red blaze
Lime Kiln Mountain Trail: Unblazed

Total time: 1:00 hour
Estimated Distance: 1.5 miles
Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Level of Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Points of Interest: Lime Kiln Mountain View
Pros: Excellent view that is little-known
Cons: Bottom part by power lines is boring

This is a great little hike, and its been several years since I was last here. It was a relatively warm day, with the snow almost entirely gone, save for a few patches in shady spots. I parked at the Tuxedo-Mount Ivy Trail on Diltz Road, and took the trail as it goes along the Power Line on the foot of the mountain ridge. As the trail goes into the woods, that is where the Lime Kiln Mountain Trail spurs off. The Lime Kiln Mountain Trail is unblazed but nevertheless easy to follow.

At the top of this mountain, where the trail just ends, there is an excellent view facing mostly east. From the top I turned around and about halfway down the mountain, and cut across due south towards the valley and the Tuxedo-Mount Ivy Trail. I walked along the side of the stream on the Tuxedo-Mount Ivy Trail, and then took the service road to the north of the power lines and then cut across to the trailhead after that.

Map of the Route
Harriman/Bear Mountain Maps Southern Map

The First Sign of Spring Green!
These thornbushes had a green stem.

Haphazard Marking Along the Unblazed Limekiln Mountain Trail

View of Haverstraw and the Hudson River at Haverstraw Bay from the Top

Large "R" Spraypainted at the Top View.
Probably Stands for "Ramaquoise", the Name of the Camp at the Mountain Foot.

Manhattan Skyline in the Distance from the View

Another View Shot

And Another

View Facing Camp Ramaquoise

At View Facing Palisades Drive in Pomona

A Soaring Turkey Vulture

From the View Facing South Towards Dunderberg

Natural Spring in the Valley Along the T-MI Trail

Icicles Holding on For Dear Life


  1. Hey Heshy, thanks so much for this amazing blog. I'm really trying to go hiking with my new wife this coming weekend. But not really sure which trail to hike. Looking for an easy or moderate trail (recently hurt my foot, so don't want to go too difficult) that will be about half the day. Do you have any suggestions for a nice scenic/romantic trail? Would love to hear back

  2. Try this hike:
    Very scenic with views, lakes, rock formations, etc. and its not too difficult. There are also many trails in that area so you can try other combinations if you need more time to make it half a day.