Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pyngyp Mountain
Harriman State Park

Rockland Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail: Yellow blaze
1779 Trail: White blaze

Total Time: 2:30 hour
Estimated Distance: 3.6 miles
Level of Difficulty: Very difficult
Level of Recommendation: Highly recommended
Points of Interest: Pyngyp Mountain Scramble and View
Pros: Excellent climbing and great views
Cons: Walk on Road at Beginning, Proximity to Palisades Parkway gives highway noise, beginning part of hike requires roads

Hiking Partner:
Shimmy Rosenberg

Pyngyp Mountain is one of the best climbs in Harriman. Its steep and rocky making a tough scramble, and affords and excellent view on top. There is no direct parking which is annoying, so you have to park on Lake Tiorati Road on the pull off and walk on the road for a bit to get to the foot of the mountain. We parked and walked along the stream due east down the mountain, and went back along the road until it met up with the Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail. We took the trail across the Palisades Parkway.

Immediately upon crossing the highway, the trail begins a the steep, rocky ascent up Pyngyp. The rocky face allows constant views as you climb. We took many pictures at the summit, and then continued down the mountain on its northern flank, and then climbed a hill called "The Pines". The trail was recently refurbished up this hill. On top of The Pines there is a view of Black Mountain Facing North.

We then descended The Pines, and took the 1779 Trail due east upon meeting up with it. At the end of the trail we walked along the road down the hill where we left the other car (this was a two car hike.)

Map of the Route
Harriman/Bear Mountain Trails Northern Map

Turkey Vulture Eating a Dead Skunk or Cat  at the Beginning of the Hike

Looking Up the Pyngyp Mountain Before the Ascent

The Highway Overpass Above the Palisades Parkway

Shimmy Crossing the Highway Along the Trail Route

Shimmy Ascending a Steep Scramble

Me Ascending a Scramble

Me at Pyngyp Mountain

Shimmy Climbing up a Rock Face

Shimmy on Pyngyp

Me at the First View at Pyngyp

Me at the Scutt Memorial

View at Pyngyp Mountain at the Trail Turn

View at Pyngyp Facing Southeast.

A Scenic View

View of the Palisades as it Enters the Gap Between
Pound Swamp and Pyngyp Mountains

Two Vultures Soaring the Mountain Updrift

Facing Southwest

Me at the Pyngyp Summit.
Haverstraw and Hi Tor Mountain are Behind Me.

Facing East Towards the Hudson River

Manhattan Skyline in the Distance. Facing South.

Firefly on a Flower

View of Black Mountain from the Pines


  1. hey heshy-really enjoy your hike postings..not so many people do pingyp...-we did a hike up pingyp last friday. we do the shuttle by meeting an anthony wayne south lot and taking cars down to SBM 106 crossing and just hike up the SBM to cats elbow, down the RD to ski trail back to cars or if people get tired there are numerous options to go out the ski trail from 1779 heading west toward the palisades pkwy, and if someone is moving quickly and wants more they can do the whole ridge of west mt by taking SBM to timp torne and coming back on beechy bottom or thru the parking lots. no road walking except the PIP crossing and its only the northbound lanes since there is an overpass over the southbound lanes. we did 2000+ ft of elevation climbing irish mt, pingyp, pines, horn hill and cats was a great day but much longer than your way.... here are my pics

  2. @Banjolady, thanks for sharing. Pyngyp is a really a great hike and climb in Harriman, and one of its lesser-known treasures.

  3. Make sure you've got some rope if you got a loaded pack with you.