Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bear Mountain New AT Trail Southern Section

Bear Mountain State Park
Rockland/Orange Cos.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
1777 Trail: Red blaze
Appalachian Trail: White blaze
Appalachian Trail Spur: Blue blaze

Total Time: 1:30
Estimated Distance: 2.6 Miles
Level of Difficulty: Difficult
Level of Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Points of Interest: Excellent View and Bushwack
Cons: Parking can be tight

Hiking Partner:
Jacob Baldinger

Last week I had attempted to hike the new section of the Appalachian Trail but ended up going to the wrong area. Now after researching the correct area, I went out to hike on the new trail.

We parked in the trailhead parking area off of 7 Lakes Drive, between Bear Mountain and West Mountain. We took the 1777 Trail for a short distance to the Appalachian Trail, crossed the road, and then found the new trail right after crossing the road. The old trail was heavily eroded, and this new trail goes the west of this trail and has hewn steps built for lasting through erosion. Its not a very extensive reroute - its only about 1000 feet or so in length. The new trail meets up with the original trail at the lower view of Bear Mountain from the southern extension of the mountain, and then continues along the original trail path.

After the trail crosses over Perkins Drive, we decided to bushwack up this very steep and rocky part of the mountain. Many years ago the Appalachian Trail took this route up, and this can be seen on some very old maps. We actually found (or at least think we found) the old route, which looked very overgrown and sparsely used over the years. We met up with the Appalachian Trail again at the large rock face where the Appalachian Trail meets the Appalachian Trail Spur. This spur is actually a short dead end of the original Major Welch Trail that formerly went along this route.

We took the spur trail to the end, took some photos, and then turned around and went back to the Appalachian Trail and then took the Appalachian Trail down going in an easterly direction to the old road bed that the trail follows, and then continued the rest of the way back down along the Appalachian Trail. Upon hitting 7 Lakes Drive, we just took the road back straight from there to our car.

Map of the Route
Harriman/Bear Mnt Trails Northern Map

Jacob Along the New Part of the Appalachian Trail

View by the Large Rock Where the Old AT Trail Meets the Present One

View of Dunderberg and the Timp from Bear Mountain

View of West Mountain from Bear Mountain

View of Queensboro Lake

Zoomed out the Queensboro Lake

Green Pine Trees Break the Monotone

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