Monday, February 8, 2016

Tucson Sunset Hike

Sentinel Peak Park
Pima Co.,

I was in Tucson attending a tradeshow, and although was quite busy during the show, at the end the day towards sunset I had time for a short hike. Sentinel Peak is very close to downtown Tucson (only about a five minute drive) and has several trails in the area. I parked at the bottom area at the entrance to the park, walked around on some of the unmarked trails, and then drove to the top parking area after Sunset. I walked around on the top area as well going from one side of the peak to the other. This was more of a walk than a hike, but provided great picture nevertheless.

Looking Towards Sentinel Peak, with a Saguaro in the Foreground

Closer View of Sentinel Peak

Downtown Tucson Between the Sagauros

Saguaro at Sunset

Flowering Barrel Cactus

View of Tucson Facing North from Sentinel Peak

View of Tucson Facing Northeast

Me at Sentinel Peak

Sunset at Sentinel Peak

Another Sunset Picture

And Another

Sentinel Peak Sunset Facing South

Looking at Sentinel Peak from near the Parking Area

Saguaros over Tucson at Dusk

Downtown Tucson after Dark

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