Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trapps Hamlet Hike in Shawangunks

Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park
Ulster Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Trapp's Hamlet Path: Blue blaze
Shongum Path: Red blaze
Enderly's Path: Yellow blaze

Total Time: 1:30 Minutes
Estimated Distance: 2.9 Miles
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Level of Recommendation: Recommended for a historical hike

Points of Interest: Historical markers and cabins, mall waterfall at Coxing Kill

Cons: Lack of views and otherwise interesting terrain

Although the summer had so far been very bad, this weekend was moist and very rainy. On Saturday it had rained about 1.5 inches, and more tropical moisture was forecast for Tuesday with downpours expected. I had tracked the radar and the morning still had the heavy rain off in a distance. I decided I would do a hike which did not veer off too far from the road, and I had really wanted to do a hike in the Gunks. This area seemed liked the best choice, and I dressed in my appropriate rain gear.

The Trapps Hamlet was a historical community near the gap in the Gunks cliffs where Routes 44/55 cross through. This hamlet was abandoned and no structures are remaining from the original, except for just one remaining cabin which I visited on this hike.

I parked at the Trapps Parking area in Mohonk Preserve. On a Sunday in the summer, this parking area fills up very fast. This week, it was totally empty. I parked at the Trapps Hamlet Path trailhead, and took it down to The Van Leuven Cabin, the last remaining structure in the Trapps Hamlet. The cabin and trail towards it are not at all remarkable. I then took the Trapp's Hamlet Path back, to the Shongum Path, which I then took to the Enderly's Path. Most of the above area travereses the Mohohk Preserve, but one small portion is within the boundaries of Minnewaska State Park.

I then took the Enderly's Path north, which has new boardwalks going across much of the place. This was especially helpful considering the rainy weather. I took it to the Enderly Homestead, where there is a nice Picnic area and small waterfall along the Coxing Brook. It had started raining at this point, so I decided to go back. I went back on the Enderly's Path, and the rain started picking up more steadily. I took it all the way up the hill until the Trapps connector path, at which point the rain was coming down very heavily. I then walked across the parking lot to my car, very wet even with my rain garb.

The pictures below were all taken from my cell phone camera.

Map of the Route.
Shawangunk Mountains Map

Trapps Hamlet Path Trailhead

The Start of the Trapps Hamlet Path

Dreary Rain Scene in the Forest

Trapps Hamlet Path and Enderly's Path Connection

Plaque at Van Leuven Cabin

Van Leuven Cabin

Side View of Van Leuven Cabin

Old Millstone Along the Enderly's Path

New Boardwalk at the Shongum Path

Small Waterfall on the Coxing Kill at Enderly Homestead

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