Sunday, October 15, 2017

Stonetown Circular Trail at Lake Riconda

Norvin Green State Forest
Passaic Co,
New Jersey

Hiking Trails:
HT Connector Trail: Blue blaze
Stonetown Circular Trail: Red blaze
Highlands Trail: Aqua blaze

Total Time: 1:35 hour
Estimated Distance: 2.4 Miles

Pros: Nice views
Cons: Power Lines are Very Interfering

I had gone to the area around the Wanaque Reservoir a few weeks prior, and was intrigued at the Stonetown Circular Trail area, and decided to check out the area a bit more. I parked on Lake Riconda Drive, at the dead end where there was parking on the side of the street. The lake is a small but pretty private lake owned by the residents of the surrounding area.

I took the Highlands Connector Trail up Harrison Mountain, walking past the power lines and then up to the view. The view is a very good one, though the power lines are quite visible and in the way from many vantage points. I then connected to the combined Stonetown Circular Trail and Highlands Trail, climbing down the mountain towards the Monksville Reservoir near the dam. I took the trail until Stonetown Road, and then turned around and took an unmarked woods road parallel to the trail, and then a connecting woods road partially up the mountain back up to Lake Riconda and the parking area.

Map of the Route. North Jersey Highlands.

Lake Riconda Sign

Lake Riconda Private Dock and Picnic Area

Power Lines While Ascending the Path

Looking Towards Monksville Reservoir

Looking up the Hill

Climbing Up Haarison Mountain at the Power Lines 
Looking Down Towards the Monksville Dam

View of Wyanokie High Point from Harrison Mountain View

Zoomed in to Wyanokie High Point

View Facing North from Harrison Mountain

Another view of Wyankoie High Point

Trail Markers of the Highlands Trail and Stonetown Circular Trail

Wanaque Reservoir

Zoomed Out

Monksville Reservoir near the Dam

Peaceful Waters at the Monksville Reservoir

Looking Across Monksville Reservoir at the Dam

Monksville Reservoir near the Dam

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