Sunday, July 8, 2018

Swan Lake and 13 Bridges Trail at Rockefeller Park

Rockefeller State Park Preserve
Westchester Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Brothers' Path (BP)
Rockefeller Family Trails (RF)
Farm Meadow Trail (FM)
Ash Tree Loop (AS)
Overlook Trail (OV)
Old Sleepy Hollow Road Trail (SH)
Eagle Hill Trail (EH)
13 Bridges Trail (TB)
Pocantico River Trail (PR)

Total Time: 2:30
Estimated Distance: 3.6 miles

Pros: Many trails, scenic lake
Cons: Alot of people, no good views

This was a beatiful summer day with a bright blue sky and seasonably warm temperatures. I hadn't been to this area in a long time, which features many carriage roads and wide trails. It is a very scenic area but doesn't really have good views or remote hikes. I parked in the main parking area, and took the Brothers' Path to the north side of Swan Lake, and then continued along that path to the eastern side of the lake. I then took the Farm Meadow Trail to the Ash Tree Loop, to the Overlook Trail. I then took the Old Sleepy Hollow Road Trail, crossing over the Old Sleepy Hollow Road, and then crossed the bridge over the Pocantico River, and then took the Eagle Hill Trail to the 13 Bridges Trail. I took the 13 Bridges Trail under highway 117 on an underpass, and continued along the trail alongside the brook which it crosses many times on small bridges. I then looped around and took the Pocantico River Trail to the corner of Old Sleepy Hollow Road and Old Sleepy Hollow Road extension, where I got a ride back to the entrance of the park.

Map of the Route

Lily Pads on Swan Lake

North Area of the Lake

The Northern End of Swan Lake

Swan Lake

13 Bridges Trail going under the Highway

13 Bridges Trail with one of the Bridges

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