Sunday, February 3, 2019

Frozen Lake Tiorati Dam and Islands

Harriman State Park,
Orange Co.
New York

Total Time: 1:45 hour
Estimated Distance: 3.0 Miles

Pros: Scenic islands and large frozen lake
Cons: None

Hiking Partners:
David Engel
Morty Rosenberg

This was the first frozen lake hike of the season. Due to the freezing temperatures all week, including sub-zero temperatures, the lakes were frozen with ice 10 inches thick. We had decided to go to Lake Tiorati, and parked at the parking area for ice fisherman on Seven Lakes Drive that is only open during the icy season.

We climbed over the hill behind the parking lot, walking through the picnic area, and headed over along the frozen lake towards the southern island, the smaller of the two major islands on the lake. Along the way we encountered many ice fisherman, and most were catching small yellow perch in abundance.

After reaching the southern island, we walked through it from its southern point, and exited near the end on the western side. We found a thick rope there attached to a tree, which we swung across. We then headed towards the northern island, and walked along the path in the middle of the island, exiting at its northern end in a thick evergreen forest of rhododendron and mountain laurel.

We then headed north near the northern end of the lake, and then headed east towards the short by the dock area of the camp. We exited the lake and walked along in the camp area for a short distance before heading back to the lake. We then walked to the eastern end fo the lake, exiting by the dam, and walked across the closed road by the dam, and then going back into the frozen lake, heading west back towards the parking area and our car.

Map of the Route

Me and David in the Picnic Area near the Parking Area

Me and David on a Chair on the Lakeshore

Morty Jumping into the Lake

Frozen Lake Tiorati

David at a Fishing Hole with a Fisherman

Lake Tiorati, Facing North

Fisherman in the Distance on Lake Tiorati

Fisherman with a Freshly Caught Yellow Perch

David Inspecting the Yellow Perch

Me on the Southern Island

Morty Swinging on the Island Rope 
David Swinging on the Island Rope 

Morty Getting More Comfortable Swinging on the Island Rope 

View of the North Island from the South Island

Lake Tiorati from the Middle of the Lake

Lush Greenery on the Northern Island

Morty and David in the Rhododendron Forest

Isolated Pine Tree on the Northern Edge of the Northern Island

Morty Doing Push Ups on the Frozen Lake

Morty and David

Rocky Hills along the Eastern Side of Lake Tiorati

Dock Area at the Camp

Facing West from the Eastern Seashore of Lake Tiorati

Morty Doing More Excercise

David and Morty

Frozen Lake Tiorati Dam

Me and Morty on Tiorati Brook Drive

Icy Slide on the Southern End of the Lake

Me on Lake Tiorati

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