Sunday, July 7, 2019

Cylburn Arboretum Hiking Trails

Cylburn Arboretum,

Hiking Trails:
Woodlands Trail
Ridge Trail
Azalea Trail
Circle Trail
Etta Stem Wedge Trail
Spicebush Trail
Ravine Trail

Total Time: 1:00 hour
Estimated Distance: 2.3 Miles

Pros: Scenic area within city limits
Cons: Lack of views

I was in Baltimore visiting family for the weekend, and went out early Sunday morning for a quick hike. While there aren't any mountains in the area, there are some nice parks with trails, including Cylburn Arboretum which lies within the northern part of the city limits.

Cylburn Arboretum is a 200 acre park with an old historic mansion that has been preserved, with beautiful grounds and a botanical garden. There are several trails in the area that go through the woodlands. The mansion and gardens are surrounded by a deer fence to keep the deer out and protect the plants and flowers, so you have to go through the deer fence several times. I covered most of the hiking trails in the park, going from one end of the park to the other.

It was a very hot and muggy day, with temperatures in the 90's. I parked in the main parking area, and walked towards the mansion and gardens. I then went the trailhead area past the main gardens and took the Woodlands Trail down towards the valley to its terminus where the old tran station once was.

I then went back and took the short Ridge Trail to the Azalea Trail, to the Circle Trail and then the Etta Stem Wedge Trail. I then took the new Spicebush Trail to the Ravine Trail, which I took back up the ravine to the Circle Trail and to the Volmer Center. I then went back to my car from there.

Map of the Route

Large Tree Meadow Before the Hike

Approaching the Mansion 

A View of the Mansion

Botanical Gardens

Start of the Hiking Trails. Woodlands Trail is to the Left.

Deer Fence Door

One Tree Growing inside Another

Etta Stem Wedge Trail

Map at the End of the Hike

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