Sunday, November 17, 2019

Hudson Highlands Gateway Park

Westchester Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Red Trail: Red blaze
Blue Trail: Blue blaze
White Trail: White blaze
Yellow Trail: Yellow blaze

Total Time: 2:00 hour
Estimated Distance: 3.7 Miles

Pros: Very little foot traffic
Cons: Loud road at beginning of hike, views aren't that great

Hudson Highlands Gateway Park is a relatively small area at the northern end of Westchester County, bordering Putnam County, directly north of Peekskill. There are several well-maintained marked trails in the area. There are several views, but they aren't that great.

This area was very quiet despite it being a Sunday. I did not see a single person on the entire hike. I started at the western parking area, which starts at a small pond. I took the Red Trail to the Blue Trail, going alongside a stream but also on the side of the busy road which was very loud with car traffic. I then took the White Trail to the northern end of the park, and then continued along the trail as it looped back down south and connected to the newly extended Yellow Trail

I took the Yellow Trail to the overlook, and then descended, and then went to the next overlook, which faces south over the Hudson River. I then continued and took the Blue Trail and back to the Red Trail back to my car.

Map of the Route

Trailhead at the Beginning of the Hike

Nice Sign at the Park Entrance

Map of new Hiking Routes at the Beginning of the Hike

Small Pond at the Beginning of the Hike

Another View of the Pond

Scene at the White Trail

New Route of the Yellow Route, with Explanatory Signage

View at the First Route

Pine Trees at the First View

Late Season Foliage at the First View

View of the Large Gravel Pit through the Trees

Approaching the Second View

View of the Second View, Facing South Towards the Hudson River

Me at the Second View

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