Monday, February 10, 2020

Loma Verde Trail Area,
Saguaro National Park, Eastern Unit

Pima Co.,

Hiking Trails:
Loma Verde Trail
Vanover Trail
Squeeze Pen Trail

Total Time: 2:15 hour
Estimated Distance: 5.4 Miles

Pros: Very scenic area
Cons: Very high park entrance fee

Hiking Partner: 
Yehudah Koblick

This was my first hike in Arizona. Prior to visiting a tradeshow in the afternoon, we went on this hike in the Eastern Unit of Saguaro National Park in the Rincon Mountain foothills. Rain was predicted for the afternoon, so we figured we would not hike up the mountain but rather at the bottom area where there are many trails and easy bailout options.

We entered the park at the main parking area, and took the Cactus Forest Loop Drive to the Loma Verde Trailhead area. This is along the northern part of Cactus Forest Loop Drive right before it bends southward. There area alot of trails in the area, and the supplied map at the park entrance doesn't cover most of the trails here. We took the Loma Verde Trail north, past the copper mine site, to the Vanover Trail, which we then took to the Squeeze Pen Trail, for a large loop. At the end of the Squeeze Pen Trail, we took the Loma Verde Trail south for a short distance back to the trailhear where our car was.

Map of the Route

Information Plaque at the Loma Verde Trailhead

Lush Desert Scene with Santa Catalina Mountains in the Background

Saguaro Cactus and Deep Blue Sky

Crossing a Brook with Flowing Water

Desert Plants and the Rincon Range

Yehudah Hiking in the Desert

Me in the Desert

Pretty Desert Scene

Loma Verde Mine Site

Yehudah on the Loma Verde Trail

Large Saguaro Cactus

Me on the Loma Verde Trail

Yehudah on the Loma Verde Trail

Interesting Saguaro Cactus

More Sonoran Desert Scenes 
Classic Saguaro Cactus

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