Sunday, May 17, 2020

State Line Trail to Bellvale Mountain Ridge

Abram S. Hewitt State Forest,
Passaic Co., New Jersey /
Appalachian Trail National Scenic Trail Area,
Orange Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
State Line Trail: Blue blaze
Appalachian Trail: White blaze

Total Time: 3:45 hour
Estimated Distance: 7.3 Miles

Pros: Very scenic area with good climbs and good views
Cons: Parking is difficult when busy, lots of sun and limited tree cover

This was a beautiful spring day. It was cold in the morning, but quickly warmed up. I had been to the area many years ago, and decided it was a good opportunity to revisit the area especially for my quest to further facilitate my travels along the Appalachian Trail.

I found the parking area for the State Line Trail to be full, so I turned around on Lake Shore Rd, on the side of the road on the New York/New Jersey state line. I took the State Line Trail up the mountain, and at the end of the trail at the Appalachian Trail, and took the Appalachian Trail north to Prospect Rock. Prospect Rock has a sweeping view of Greenwood Lake with a large bedrock exposure. There is also a seasonal flag put up every spring that remains through the fall.

I continued on the Appalachian Trail after Prospect Rock, and then descending along the trail until the next ascent, which is a steep climb with rungs in the rock to be able to climb. There is another excellent view at this point wither another excellent vantage point of Greenwood Lake and beyond. I then continued on the Appalachian Trail north past the cairns and along the ridge, to the next view. I then turned around and took the trail back the same way.

Map of the Route

State Line Trailhead

Small Waterfall at the Beginning of the Hike

Rocky Outcrops and Pine Trees Near the Top of the Ridge

End of the State Line Trail

Appalachian Trail at the End of the State Line Trail

Marker on the Appalachian Trail

More Rock Faces and Stunted Pines Along the Bellvale Ridge

View of Greenwood Lake from Prospect Rock

View Facing North from Prospect Rock

Another View at Prospect Rock

American Flag at Prospect Rock

Bedrock Faces at Prospect Rock

Greenwood Lake Facing East

Flat in the Distance at Prospect Rock

Large Rock Face Along Bellvale Mountain

View Facing North

View Facing Northeast

Greenwood and Manhattan Skyline in the Distance

Climbing Rails Along the Appalachian Trail

View above the Climbing Rails

Greenwood Lake and Fox Island

View Facing South

Another View of Greenwood Lake

Cairn on the Appalachian Trail While Walking along the Ridge

Another Cairn Along the Ridge

Close Up of the Cairn

Rockface and Cairn

View at My Northernmost Travel on this Hike

View Facing North, with Schunnemunk Mountain the Distance

Me at the View above the Trail Rungs

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