Sunday, December 6, 2020

Canopus Lake Appalachian Trail, 3 Lakes Trail, Pelton Pond Loop

Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park
Putnam Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Appalachian Trail: White blaze
3 Lakes Trail: Blue blaze
Pelton Pond Loop Trail: Yellow blaze

Total Time: 2:15 hour
Estimated Distance: 4.2 Miles

Pros: First part very quiet and tranquil, Second part very scenic
Cons: No mountaintop vista views
Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Google Map of Parking:

This was a very cold day, and in fact my first day wearing a winter coat. The sky was bright and sunny, and as I continued hiking it warmed up somewhat. I parked on Route 301 at the Appalachian Trail at Canopus Lake. I took the Appalachian Trail south on the side of the ridge to the 3 Lakes Trail. I then took the 3 Lakes Trail across the brook and back north along the side of several beaver-dammed ponds.

I then went along the side of the Phillips Mine, inspecting some of the cuts and dumps. It's not a significant mine but still of historical interest. Upon reaching Route 301, I walked north along Route 301 for a short distance, and then took an old unmarked trail that cuts a shortcut to the Pelton Pond Loop Trail at its southern terminus at the dam.

The short unmarked trail is on the map, but is a but worn out and hard to follow. It goes along the outlet stream to Pelton Pond. There is a rock cut with no trespassing signs at the Canada Mine on the side of the ascent up. At the top of the trail, I reached the dam of Pelton Pond, and took the scenic loop trail along the eastern side of the lake, past the campground, around the top, and back down along the western side and through the picnic area.

I then continued south and inspected the peninsula where the map lists the Canada Mine. This is incorrectly listed on the map as the mine is not located on the peninsula. After reaching the south end of the lake, I cut across down the hill to Route 301, and discovered the main quarry cut of the Canada Mine at the bottom off Route 301. It's an impressive rock cut with a water-filled pit, cordoned off by a gate. I continued along Route 301 back towards my car, and took the old road path parallel to Route 301 between the 3 Lakes Trail and the Appalachian Trail, which I then took back to my car.

Map of the Route

Canopus Lake at the Beginning of the Hike, Looking North

Canopus Lake, Looking Across the River

Entrance to the Appalachian Trail from Route 301

Along the Appalachian Trail at the Beginning of the Hike

Plaque Near the Beginning of the Hike

Appalachian Trail Along the Route, on a Raised Embankment

Downed Tree Above the Appalachian Trail

Intersection of the Appalachian Trail and the 3 Lakes Trail

Small Pond Outlet on the 3 Lakes Trail

Trail Crossing of the Overflowing Brook on the 3 Lakes Trail

Intersection of the 3 Lakes Trail and the Scout Reservation Trail

Plaque on the Tree at the Scout Trail

Another Small Pond with a Beaver Dam at the Outlet and Felled Trees

Overgrown Mine Quarry Cut at the Phillips Mine

Phillips Mine Dump

LongCut in the Philips Mine

New Boardwalk and Steps at the Three Lakes Trail Terminus

Canopus Lake from Route 301

Pelton Pond from the South End at the Dam

Me at Pelton Pond

Another View of Me at Pelton Pond

Dam Outlet and Control at Pelton Pond

Another View of Pelton Pond

Pelton Pond from the Northern End

Pelton Pond from the Peninsula

Canada Pond Deep Water-Filled Quarry Cut 

Waterfalls at the Outlet Dam of the Canopus Pond

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