Sunday, January 24, 2021

Lake Welch Shoreline Winter Hike

Harriman State Park,
Rockland Co.,
New York

Total Time: 0:55 hour
Estimated Distance: 2.0 Miles

Pros: Scenic lake
Cons: Non-cohesive trail and paved paths
Hike Type: Loop hike
Level of Difficulty: Very easy

Map of Route:

This was a short hike in Harriman at the Lake Welch area. The weather was absolutely frigid, in the lower teens. I hiked in full gear including a face mask and ski goggles. I parked in the Lake Tiorati boat launch area. The lake was mostly frozen, but had several unfrozen patches so was still unsafe to walk on. I walked to the boat launch, and then walked along the path alongside the northern side of the lake. 

I took a short detour at the old cemetery at Lake Welch, and then walked along the path to the Lake Welch Beach. I walked along the beach, where the winds were howling, and then walked towards the parking lot and path through the picnic area, heading back west. I then cut across back at the last parking lot and heading back to my car, where I was able to warm up.

Map of the Route

Frozen Lake and Jackie Jones Tower from the Boat Launch

Looking Across a Frozen Lake Welch to the Islands from the Boat Launch 

Lake Welch Facing Towards the Beach

Foxtails Along the Side of Lake Welch

Debris on a Frozen Lake Welch 

Plaque at the Old School Site of the Extinct Site of Sandyfields

Me at the Boat Launch and Jackie Jones Behind Me

Woods Road Parallel to Lake Welch

Old Sandyfields Cemetery on the North Side of Lake Welch

Tombstones in the Old Sandyfields Cemetery

Zoomed into the Tombstones

Another View of the Cemetery

View of Lake Welch and Jackie Jones from the Hill

Frozen Lake Welch Beach

Jackie Jones Tower Behind a Frozen Lake Welch

Lake Welch Facing Southwest

Lake Welch Beach Shoreline

Water and Ice at Lake Welch Beach

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