Thursday, October 21, 2021

Daters Mountain Dusk Hike

Dater Mountain Nature Park
Rockland Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Orange Trail: Orange blaze

Total Time: 0:25 minutes
Estimated Distance: 0.7 miles

Pros: Very short hike with good view
Cons: None
Hike Type: Out and back
Level of Difficulty: Easy

It had been a beautiful late fall day with warm weather, and I decided to do a short, sunset hike at Daters Mountain. I ended up leaving later than anticipated and it was already dusk, so I ended up keeping the hike very short and just up to the view and back down. This is a very good short hike with a rewarding view.

I parked at the Dater Mountain Nature Park parking on Johnsontown Road in Sloatsburg, and went up the Orange Trail. I went down the short valley and back up to the view, which overlooks Chipmunk Mountain, North Hill, and Short Hill. I took some pictures at dusk, and then headed back along the same route.

Map of the Route

Bat in Flight at Dusk

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