Sunday, January 23, 2022

Lake Frozen Lake Skanatati / Lake Askoti Pine Swamp Loop

Harriman State Park
Orange Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Long Path: Green Blaze
Dunning Trail: Yellow Blaze
Arden-Surebridge Trail: Red blaze
Red Cross Trail: Red blaze

Total Time: 2:00 hour
Estimated Distance: 3.8 Miles

Pros: Scenic Frozen Lakes, Pretty area
Cons: None
Hike Type: Loop
Level of Difficulty: Difficult in snowy conditions

Google Maps of Parking:

Several of the Harriman Lakes were frozen after a prolonged period of freezing temperatures. The weather was particularly cold this Sunday, which required me to really bundle up. I wanted to combine a frozen lake hike with some trails and easy climbing, so this was a good choice.

There were several inches of snow on the ground, and I was well dressed for the ocassion. I parked at the Lake Skanatati / Lake Askoti parking area on Seven Lakes Drive, and walked across the frozen lake to the dam. I then walked in the middle of the lake to the end at the Long Path, and took the long path up and down some ridges to the Dunning Trail. I took the Dunning Trail past the Pine Swamp and Pine Swamp Mine, and then took the Arden-Surebridge Trail, and then climbing down the Red Cross Trail. I crossed over Seven Lakes Drive, and then went along Lake Askoti from its north point to south point. I took the Long Path down along the stream and then back to my car.

Map of the Route

Lake Skanatati

Lake Skanatati Dam

Mountain Laurel Forest on the Long Path

Pine Swamp

Dunning Trail Greenery

Pine Swamp Mine

Lake Askoti

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