Sunday, January 21, 2024

Brooks Lake and Popolopen Landing at Fort Montgomery

Bear Mountain State Park
Orange Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Brooks Lake Trail: Red blaze
1777 / 1779 Trail: White blaze
Timp-Torne Trail: Blue blaze
Twin Forts Trail: Blue blaze

Total Time: 1:30 minutes
Estimated Distance: 2.6 Mile

Pros: Scenic lake, scenic bridges
Cons: Views of houses
Hike Type: Reverse lollipop loop
Level of Difficulty: Easy (Difficult in snow)

Google Maps of Parking:

The weather was bitter cold with a fresh layer of snow on the ground and strong winds. I debated on hiking based on the poor weather conditions, but the strong sun enticed me and I bundled up and did a hike I could bail out of easily in case it was too cold. In the end it was fine and all my layers kept me warm, so I did the longer route.

I parked at Brooks Lake park in Fort Montgomery, and took the Brooks Lake Loop Trail to the north around the lake. There were some signs about storm damage on the trail, but it looks like all was cleaned up and the trail was fully passable. At the inlet of Brooks Lake I took the combined 1777 / 1779 and Timp-Torne Trails underneath Route 9W at the Popolopen Bridge, and then to Fort Montgomery Historic site at the visitor center (which was closed for the season.)

I then took the Twin Forts Trail down to the foot suspension bridge crossing Popolopen for some amazing views of the Hudson River and the Bear Mountain Bridge, and then turned around and went back up the Twin Forts Trail and back to the combined 1777 / 1779 and Timp-Torne Trails. I crossed over Mine Road and took the eastern part of the Brooks Lake Trail back to my car.

Map of the Route

Frozen Brooks Lake

Sign about Storm Damage

Bear Mountain from Brooks Lake

View from the West Side of Brooks Lake

Bridge at the Inlet of Brooks Lake

Trail Intersection

Route 9W Popolopen Bridge

View of Bear Mountain Bridge

1777 & 1779 Trails Historical Plaque

Fort Montgomery Visitor Center

Anthony's Nose and Bear Mountain Bridge

Suspension Bridge

Ducks and Swans at Frozen Popolopen

Popolopen Bridge

Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

Bear Mountain Bridge

Popolopen Bridge

Back at Brooks Lake

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