Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Judean Desert, Israel

Hiking Members:
Avigael Friedman
Mutty Friedman
Gitty Friedman

Took a winter break to Israel, and made sure to take a hike to Ein Gedi, an oasis in the desert. The temperature was surprisingly warm - about 80 degrees. Not bad for February.

Started at Nachal David up through several waterfalls (the most popular part of the hike where it is quite busy with people), up to David's Fall, and headed up the mountain passed Shulamit Spring and the Chalcolithe Temple Ruins. Took a break at Ein Gedi Spring, then hiked down the Lookout trail and then cut accross to get to the trailhead.

After the main hike took a short hike down the dry river bed of Nachal David to the Dead Sea.

On Nachal David Trail looking East towards Dead Sea

Cliff on side of Nachal David
David's Waterfall

Mutty Friedman in a natural arch

On lower Summit, with Dead Sea as background

Me on top of cliff, near Chalcolithe Temple

Climbing down cliff near lower summit.

Mt. Yishai, from the bottom

Another profile of Mt. Yishai.
Note the Ibex's and their huge horns

Descending the dry riverbead towards the Dead Sea.
At the Dead Sea shore.

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