Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cheescote Mountain,
Cheescote Town Park,
Rockland County,
New York

I had gone to Cheesecote Mountain to explore all the unmarked trails there several weeks earlier, but got rained out and had to leave earlier. So I had decided to return on a nice do and more thoroughly go through the trails. Parked on Cheese Cote La. and took the short path to Cheesecote Pond and the Long Path. Then took an unmarked trail north to the summit, where there were great views of Horse Chock Mountain and the Jackie Jones tower. Continued on the unmarked path, not knowing where it would leave me, until it ended at a narrow paved road. This road looked very newly paved and I took it south, and it led me back to the pond where a new parking lot was being constructed there. Apparently they will be developing this park and providing car access. Hiked around the lake and back to the short path to my car, then circled the mountain and found the road that climbs the mountain. This is a very recently paved road and they are now allowing vehicular traffic all the way up to the pond from Willow Grove Road. This new road is very interesting, being very narrow and curvy, and ascending about 400 feet.

Cheescote Pond from the Long Path

Looking west from the summit to Horse Chock Mnt.

Jackie Jones Mnt with tower from summit.
Looking west.

Looking northwest to Willow Grove Rd.
as climbs up the mountain

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