Sunday, July 26, 2009

File Factory Hollow/ Limekiln Mountain

Harriman State Park,
Rockland County,
New York

Hiking Partners:
Shimmy Rosenberg
Reuven Abraham

3 Miles

Parked at the trailhead of the Tuxedo-Mount Ivy (TMI) Trail on Diltz Road. Took the TMI Trail and veered off the trail where the TMI climbs the mountain. Continued on the Power Line path to the File Factory Hollow, and then took the File Factory Hollow west up through the notch and into the mountain (in-between Limekiln and Horse Chock Mountains)

We had lost the File Factory Hollow somewhere towards the top, and ended up bushwacking off a spur to the summit of Limekiln Mountain. Near the summit we found a grove of blueberry bushes which had sweet ripe blueberrys and we all had our fill. After hitting a viewpoing and losing my bearings, I needed to check my GPS to get our exact position, and I noticed we were above the summit of Limekiln Mountain. So we bushwacked down and hit the TMI Trail and took the TMI trail back to the trailhead.

The Route. (Click to expand.)
Blue dot is starting point.
Blue line is the ascending route
X is the summit
Red line is the descending route.

Waterfall in File Factory Hollow

Freaky Deer Skull and Beer Bottle
along the File Factory Hollow

Orange Salamander. There were tons of these
due to all the recent rains.

Shimmy in front of talus near the summit.

Reuven with his Blueberry crop

Me picking the Blueberries and bottling them.

At the Summit.
Facing south towards Eagle Rock
and Panther Mountain.

Looking Southeast from the Summit
Eagle Rock and RCC in the Distance.

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