Monday, February 15, 2010

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park
South Rim

Total Time: 2 Hours
Total Distance: 2.6 Miles

Trail: Rim Trail

The Grand Canyon does not need any introduction. The pictures speak for themselves. Over a mile deep, its formations and colors are unbelievable. I would have liked to descent the canyon on a hike down towards the bottom, but there was plenty of snow on the trails and I wasn't prepared. So instead just hiked the Rim Trail from Mather point until the El Tovar Hotel in Grand Canyon Village. The Rim Trail is mostly paved and walks across the rim of the canyon with grand vistas and overlook pullouts throughout. It was covered with snow but partially plowed. Normally it is very cold in the winter, but this was a beautiful winter day of 50 degrees with a very strong sun.

This was a one way hike, because we went one way and  Went one way and took the free Park Shuttle back to the car ahe After the hike I drove to Hopi Point for the sunset and took some photos from there as well.

Map of the route

First view of the Grand Canyon.

From Mather Point looking east.

Mather Point overlook

This is a famous formation.
Don't know what its called.

 Another good shot with that formation.
At Grandview Point.

Me at at Grandview Point.

Me again.

A beautiful view.

Looking northeast.

From Hopi Point at Sunset.
Facing east.

From Hopi Point again at sunset.
Looking east.

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