Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mount Wilson Canyon

Coconino National Forest,

Total Time:
2 Hours
Total Distance: 3 Miles

Trail: Wilson Canyon Trail

I wanted to go hiking somewhere in Red Red Country, but was totally unfamiliar with the region. I drove down from Flagstaff through Route 89A in the Oak Creek Canyon, and kept an eye out for a good pull off area. Little did I know when I parked at the Mount Wilson Parking area at the Midgley Bridge that this is one of the best spots in the area. I liked the bridge and canyon below, so that gave me the idea of pulling out there. Went on the trail along the brook, which I later found out to be the Wilson Canyon Trail, and continue along through the bottom of the canyon following the flowing stream up.

At some point deep in the canyon I bushwacked up the hill for a view, and then headed back down. But then instead of going the same way, I took another trail (I dont know the name of it) which went along the bottom of Steamboat Rock. I had hoped there would be a trail for me to connect back to the road, but there wasn't so I ended up bushwacking through the brush and cactus back the road. Once I hit the road, I headed back towards the car, but there was a big sign that said that no pedestrians allowed on the bridge (It's a very narrow bridge). (I did find out after the fact that there is a connection trail right there that skirts around the deep part of the canyon.) So I just waited for a quiet moment when there were few cars and ran across the bridge like a madman, and survived to tell the story.

Map of the route

Me at the beginning of the hike

At the beginning with my baby
in the backpack. He loved this hike.

The Wilson Brook on the canyon floor.

On the trail

Interesting Formations

Strange yet beautiful.

The scenery here amazing!

Overlooking Midgely Bridge

Another view of Midgely Bridge

The end of the Wilson Canyon
Mt. Wilson is in the rear view.

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