Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sterling Ridge and Fire Tower

Sterling Forest State Park,
Orange County, NY

Sterling Mine Trail: Yellow Blaze
Sterling Lake Loop: Blue Blaze
Fire Tower Connector Trail: Red Blaze
Fire Tower Trail: Red Blaze
Sterling Ridge Trail: Blue Blaze
Sterling Valley Loop Trail: Yellow Blaze

Total Time: 3:30 min
Estimated Distance: 6.2 Miles

Hiking Partner:
Yehuda Koblick

I have been to the Sterling Ridge Fire Tower several times but the Fire Tower is always closed off. I think this was my first time there during the summer when it was open. We parked on Sterling Lake road right by the Sterling mine and took the short Sterling Mine Trail through the mine dumps and shafts and abandoned buildings. From there we took the Fire Tower Connector Trai trail until the Fire Tower Trail, all the way up the Fire Tower. This is a very easy two lane trail, and although the climb is good it is not steep at all and gradual.

We climbed up the Fire Tower, took some pictures, and then continued along the Sterling Ridge Trail north past some views and the Power Lines, and a little further by a stream we bushwacked down near the stream to the Sterling Valley Loop Trail. From there continued along until the lake and then continued along the road back to the car.

Map of the Route

Pit in the Sterling Mine

Ruin in the Sterling Mine

Sterling Lake from the Southern Shore

Another view from the Southern Shore

The top of the Fire Tower.
Looking north at Sterling Lake.

Sterling Lake from the Fire Tower.
Looking North.

Yehuda on the top of the Fire Tower.

Looking west from the Fire Tower.

Me Looking Down from the Fire Tower.

A Giant Fly we saw at the Fire Tower.
This fly was the size of a large bumble bee.

Sterling Lake from the view on the Sterling Ridge Trail.
Facing north.

Me at the above view.

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  1. Really enjoying your site! Love all the pictures. I'm thinking about showing my kids the Cranberry Mine soon. Now you are giving me more great places to try!