Sunday, August 29, 2010

Indian Hill

Sterling Forest State Park,
Orange County,
New York

Appalachain Trail (AT): White Blaze
Indian Hill Loop Trail: Yellow Blaze
Furnace Loop Trail: Red Blaze

Total Time: 3:20 min
Estimated Distance: 6.0 Miles

Hiking Partner:
Yehuda Koblick

We started at the Elk Pen in Harriman State Park. We parked there and took Arden Valley Road together with the AT, and headed east across the Thruway, then crossed over Route 17, and continued up the AT over the Agony Grind, which is a steep ascent skirting large boulders. We had attempted to take the blue-blazed connector trail to the Indian Hill Loop, but went too far ahead along the AT, so we changed course and decided to continue along the AT towards Orange Turnpike. On the way right before the ascent towards the road is an excellent rock viewpoint with fantastic views north, west, and south.

At the junction with Orange Turnpike, we went along the side of the road, passed a spring, and continued to the dirt road to the parking area of the Indian Hill Loop Trail. From there we headed south along the Indian Hill Loop, and picked up the adjoining Furnace Loop Trail as it goes concurrent with the Indian Hill Loop. Continued along the Indian Hill Loop, and instead of going back towards the AT, we bushwacked east at the stream steeply down towards Route 17, which ended up right near Arden Valley Road. This was a much appreciated shortcut that saved us lots of time.

 Map of the Route

View from atop Agony Grind.
Facing east towards Harriman.

View from atop Agony Grind.
Facing south with the Thruway cutting across.

View of the Elk Pen from atop Agony Grind
(the Elk Pen is the meadow in the left).
This is where we started.

View descending the AT towards Orange Tpk.
Facing west.

View descending the AT towards Orange Tpk.
Facing north.

View descending the AT towards Orange Tpk.
This is a large exposed rockface.
Facing Yehuda looking south.

 The view at the intersection of the Indian Hill Loop and the Furnace Loop.
Facing south.

 Me at the above view.

 View from atop Indian Hill. Facing east toward
Surebridge Mountain in Harriman State Park

 Facing North from Indian Hill.

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