Sunday, October 24, 2010

Popolopen Torne

Bear Mountain State Park
Orange County,
New York

Timp-Torne (T-T): Blue Blaze

Total Time: 1:40 hr
Estimated Distance: 1.0 Miles

Hiking Partner:
My Parents and Sister

This was the peak of the fall foliage. Popolopen is a very short hike, but one of the best and steepest in the area. It is a straight climb with excellent scrambling and requires usage of hands and feet. And the view on top is an extremely rewarding panorama. We started on the parking area on Mine Road, and climbed up the more western approach of the T-T Trail. This part of the trail is harder than the eastern part of the trail. Took this all the way up to the summit, and then continued down the T-T Trail via the eastern portion of the T-T back to the parking area. After we finished this hike my sister and I drove nearby to Long Mountain for our second hike of the day.

Map of the Route

From the first view while climbing Popolopen.
Facing southeast towards the Bear Mountain Bridge
and Anthony's Nose across the Hudson River.

Bear Mountain from the Popolopen view.
Facing south.

Looking east towards the Hudson River.

On top of the large rock at the Summit.

Facing West from the Summit.
The colors are breathtaking.

Facing east from the Summit
Looking towards Weyant's Pond.

At the summit, with Bear Mnt in the background.

Me at the memorial cairn at the summit.


  1. Just did this hike today. Spectacular views! But a bit scary at times as we were with kids.


  2. Yeah, probably not the best hike for small kids...