Friday, February 24, 2012

Ein Bokek

Dead Sea Area,


Ein Bokek Trail: Red blaze

I had traveled to Israel on a short vacation, and was staying in a hotel in the Ein Boken area. Ein Bokek is located in the southern end of the Dead Sea, and also all of Dead Sea Hotels and spas are in this area. The area is named after a small oasis on the mountainside in this dry, parched terrain. The climb to the oasis is a relatively short climb from the road and the hotel area, and was literally right outside from the hotel which we were staying at. We only climbed up to the oasis, though the trail continues for much longer up the mountain. We came down the same path. 

Looking towards the spring and the mountain - Har Bokek

Ancient Ruin near the beginning of the hike.

Approaching towards the oasis.

At the dense brush in the oasis.

Me with Har Bokek in background.
Me on the desolate mineral formations.
Me again.

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