Sunday, February 4, 2018

Soliders Delight Serpentine Barrens

Soldier's Delight Natural Environmental Area 
Baltimore Co.,

Hiking Trails:
Choate Mine Trail: Red blaze
Serpentine Trail: White blaze

Total Time: 1:45 hour
Estimated Distance: 2.9 Miles

Pros: Very interesting ecological and ecological area
Cons: Lacks good climbs

Hiking Partner:
David Cynamon

I had been visiting family in Baltimore, and went with my friend David of Baltimore for a regional hike. David did the planning and has hiked most of the trails in the Baltimore area. It had started snowing as we started the hike, and it eventually changed over to slete and eventually rain when we were nearly done with the hike.

We parked in trailhead parking area alongside Deer Park Road, and we crossed the road. We took the Choate Mine Trail to the mine and inspected the pits and surrounding area. We then turned around, and took the Serpentine Trail to the Nature Center. We visited the Nature Center, which was surprisingly open in the winter. It has artifacts and interesting information on the surrounding area and is a worthwhile visit. We completed the Serpentine Trail loop, passing through the grassy barrens to the end of the trail.
Map of the Route

Overlook at the Parking Area

Looking Towards the Serpentine Ridge from the Parking Area

Me at the Parking Area and Overlook

Kiosk at the Trailhead

Information Plaques and Trailhead Information

Choate Mine Trail Entrance

Choate Mine Trail through the Barrens

Mine Pit. These Mines were Mined for Chromium Ore (Chromite)

Another Mine Pit

Snow Accumulating on the Serpentine Trail

Soldier's Delight Nature Center

Information Plaque on the Serpentine Preserves Inside the Nature Center

Plaque Explaining the Serpentine Barrens, on the Trail

Serpentine Barrens

Another View of the Serpentine Barrens

Trail Going Through the Serpentine Barrens

Me and David Cynamon at the end of the Hike

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