Sunday, November 18, 2018

Horse Pond Mountain at Monksville Reservoir

Long Pond Ironworks State Park
Passaic Co,
New Jersey

Hiking Trails:
Hewitt Butler Trail: Blue blaze
Horse Pond Mountain Trail: White blaze
Highlands Trail: Blue blaze

Total Time: 2:40 hour
Estimated Distance: 3.5 Miles

Pros: Very scenic and quiet area
Cons: Power lines mar view

Hiking Partner:
Shimmy Rosenberg
Morty Rosenberg

I have been to the Monksville Reservoir area many times, but I never did this very scenic trail before. The route is along the ridge on the western and southern side of the reservoir. We did a two car hike, parking one car at the Hewitt Butler Trail trailhead on Greenwood Lake Turnpike, and another car at Lake Riconda.

It had just snowed on the previous Thursday an unseasonably early November snowstorm, with several inches of snow. The snow was still around in the area on this hike, making conditions for the hike more difficult. It was also very cold for this time of year, requiring us to bundle up more than usual for November.

We started from the first car on Greenwood Lake Turnpike and took the combined Hewitt Butler Trail and Highlands Trail along to the side of the reservoir, and then climbed up the ridge to the Horse Pond Mountain Trail. We passed several scenic ridges here, and then climbed back the last steep climb up Harrison Mountain, at the power lines, and then headed back down to our car at Lake Riconda.

Map of the Route.
(I had to color in the Monksville Reservoir
which is was not on my mapping software)

Plaque at the Parking Area

Shimmy and Morty at the Beginning of the Hike

Long Pond Ironworks Sign at the Trailhead

First Approach of the Monksville Reservoir from the
Hewitt Butler / Highlands Trail

Another View of the Monksville Reservoir

Above the Horse Pond Mountain after the Initial Climb

The First Viewpoint at Horse Pond Mountain

Me at the Above View

Self Timer with Me, Shimmy, and Morty

Monksville Reservoir from the First View

Mordy on the Hiking Trail with his Distinctive Yellow Jacket

Nice View of the Eastern Portion of the Monksville Reservoir

Nice View of the Most of the Monksville Reservoir from the Main View

View of the Northern Portion of the Monksville Reservoir

Me at the Main View at Horse Pond Mountain

Descending from the Top Vioew

View from Harrison Mountain from the Power Lines

View from Harrison Mountain

Another View from Harrison Mountain

From Harrison Mountain, Facing North

Power Lines on Harrison Mountain

Me at Harrison Mountain 
Shimmy and Morty Descending Harrison Mountain

Lake Riconda, Where we Parked our Second Car

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