Monday, December 3, 2018

Ein Gedi Nachal David

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Judean Desert,

Hiking Trails:
Nachal David Loop Trail

Total Time: 1:00 hour
Estimated Distance: 1.0 Mile

Pros: Very scenic area
Cons: Very busy and expensive entrance fee

Hiking Partners:
Rayzi Friedman

Continuing on our trip in Israel, we visited the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve which is a natural oasis of flowing water in the Judean Desert. There are two main area - Nachal David and Nachal Arugot. Nachal David is the shorter hike, being a one mile loop, and is much more popular and touristy. Nachal Arugot is a longer and more remote area. 

This trip was to Nachal David, and we took the Nachal David loop through the valley along the Dead Sea Valley. The trail features several waterfalls and some dense, lush growth along of the stream which is a stark contrast to the barren surrounding desert. It is very scenic but is quite short and almost always very busy. I had wanted to climb up the mountain to the Shulamith Spring, but we did not have the time.

Map of the Route

First Waterfall of Nachal David

Me at the Beginning of the Hike

Ein Gedi Valley

Rock Hyraxes Nesting in Bush

Oasis Valley Scence

Barren Limestone Rock Wall

Another Waterfall

Me at the Entrance of the Covered Area

In the Covered "Tunnel" area of the Trail

Another Waterfall

Large Waterfall at the End of the Hike Before it Loops

Mt. Yishai in the Distance at the Return of the Hike

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