Sunday, December 23, 2018

South Hill and Torne View Loop

Harriman State Park,
Rockland Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
7 Hills Trail: Blue blaze
Hillburn Torne Sebago (HTS) Trail: Orange blaze
Reeves Brook Trail: white blaze

Total Time: 3:10 hour
Estimated Distance: 5 Miles

Pros: Great climb with sweeping views
Cons: None

Hiking Partner:
Shimmy Rosenberg

On my last two hikes to Ramapo Torne, I had noticed South Hill to the northwest with large rocky exposures. I had determined to check out the area for hike, and this was our opportunity. The weather was seasonally cold, but it there was a bright sun and blue sky. We parked at Reeves Meadow at Harriman on Seven Lakes Drive, and took the 7 Hills Trail from its beginning. I then bushwacked up the ascent to the first part of South Hill, and then climbed down through a notch and back up to the main part of South Hill, where we had some great views of the surrounding area.

We then climbed down the hill on the southern edge of South Hill, to an unmarked trail that connects to the HTS Trail. We took the HTS Trail north for a short distance to the 7 Hills Trail, which we then took up and climbed the mountain to the Torne View. At the top, we continued along the 7 Hills Trail northbound looking at the views to the right and the left. We continued along the trail, went down and up to the Torne View, which offers sweeping views of the entire area. We then took the 7 Hills Trail to the Reeves Brook Trail, going back down towards the parking area and back to our car.

Map of the Route

First View from South Hill

View from South Hill Facing North

View of Torne View from South Hill

Me at South Hill

Another View of Me on South Hill

Me on South Hill, Facing North

South Hill, Facing North

View of Ramapo Torne from South Hill

Dwarf Pine on the Southern South Hill View

View Descending South Hill, Facing South

Another View Descending South Hill

Trailhead of the HTS Trail at the 7 Hills Trail

On the View Between Ramapo Torne and Torne View

On the Upper Ridge on the 7 Hills Trails
Me on the 7 Hills Trail

Continuing Along the 7 Hills Trail

Me on the 7 Hills Trail Before Descending into the Notch

7 Hills Trail Before the Descent

Shimmy Descending the Notch on the 7 Hills Trail

Facing Ramapo Torne

View from Torne View, Facing South Hill

Zoomed in to South Hill

Another View at South Hill

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