Sunday, June 2, 2019

Doris Duke Area Sterling Forest

Sterling Forest State Park
Orange Co.
New York

Hiking Trails:
Doris Duke Loop Trail: Yellow blaze
Highlands Trail: Blue blaze
Allis Trail: Blue blaze

Total Time: 2:00 hour
Estimated Distance: 3.9 Miles

Pros: Very quiet and scenic area
Cons: None

The weather had been hotter than usual. This was finally a break from all the rain, and I appreciated the sun and blue sky. I parked at the Doris Duke trailhead on Benjamin Meadow Road, right near the Tuxedo Ridge ski area. The Doris Duke Trail is a loop trail that is a 3.9 circular loop.

There is a view near the top facing south. After the view, the trail meets with the combined Allis and Highland trail, and goes concurrently with those trails until another view. The trail then descends, makes a sharp turn, and then continues descending down the mountain. The trail then goes alongside a remote swamp that is fully of lily pads and bullfrogs. I continued along the trail until the end of the loop, and then the short distance back to my car. I was surprised how quiet the hike was, and there was only one other car in the trailhead parking area upon my return, despite it being a beautiful Sunday.

Map of the Route

Start of the Doris Duke Trail

Doris Duke Loop Trail Split Near the Start of the Hike

Approaching the First View

From the View, Facing South

Another Angle of the View

Me at the Above View

View Into Harriman State Park

View Facing East

View Facing South

Concurrency of Three Trails: Doris Duke, Allis, and Highlands Trail

View from the Top of the Sterling Mountain Facing Towards Schunnemunk

Another View Facing North Towards Schunnemunk

Train Intersection of Allis/Highlands and Doris Duke Trail at Sterling Mnt.

View Facing Northeast Towards Lake Mombasha and Storm King

Another View Facing Northeast, Zoomed Out

View Facing East from Sterling Mountain

Swamp at the Bottom of the Mountain

Another View of the Swamp

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