Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Surebridge Mountain and Black Rock Mountain

Harriman State Park,
Orange Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
White Bar Trail: White blaze
Dunning Trail: Yellow blaze
Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail: Red blaze
Nurian Trail: White blaze

Total Time: 2:15 hour
Estimated Distance: 3.9 Miles

Pros: Excellent Views and Highly Scenic Area
Cons: None
Hike Type: Loop hike

Google Maps of Parking:

This area is one of my favorite in Harriman. With good climbs, multiple sweeping views, and large rock faces, this remote area of Harriman is one of the most scenic areas in Harriman. 

I parked at the White Bar Trailhead on Kanawauke Road (County Rt. 106) and took the White Bar Trail north. I continued past the intersection with the Dunning Trail, and then upon reaching the Dunning Trail, went east climbing up the mountain on the trail. I then cut off the trail north bushwacking to the rock face above Surebridge Mountain. This mountain view is not officially on the trail but can be reached by an unmarked trail off the Dunning Trail. At the top of the mountain is a sweeping view from all sides.

I then went back down the mountain to the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail, and took it south along the rocky area, to the view at Black Rock Mountain. I continued on the trail to the next view prior to the descent, where I took the Nurian Trail steeply down the mountain, and then meeting the White Bar Trail with the sun going down and shining between the trees. I then continued to the trailhead parking area back to my car, reaching it by sunset.

Map of the Route

Kanawauke Road at the Beginning of the Hike

Scenery at the White Bar Trail

Starting the Ascent on Surebridge Mountain

Surebridge Mountain View, Facing South

Scenery at Surebridge Mountain

Another View Facing South from Surebridge Mountain

Island Pond and Green Pond Mountain from Surebridge Mountain

View from Surebridge Mountain Facing Northwest

View from Surebridge Mountain Facing West

View from Surebridge Mountain Facing North

Me at Surebridge Mountain

Surebridge Mountain Facing South

Rock Face on the Ramapo Dunderberg Trail

Sign of Aggressive Bear Activity Prohibiting Overnight Camping at the Shelter

View at the Ramapo Dunderberg Shelter Near the Bald Rocks Shelter

Bald Rocks Shelter

Large Rock Face on the Northern Part of Black Rock Mountain

Pretty Scenery along the Ramapo Dunderberg Trail

Boulder with Trail Marker on the Ramapo Dunderberg Trail on Black Rock Mnt

Foliage View Atop Black Rock Mountain

My Shadow in the Late Afternoon at Black Rock

Fern Foliage and Great View atop Black Rock Mountain

Black Rock Mountain Southern Portion View
View Facing West from Atop Black Rock Mountain

Approaching Sunset on the White Bar Trail Near the End of the Hike

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