Sunday, February 28, 2021

Anthonys Nose Southern Approach Winter Hike

Hudson Highlands State Park,
Westchester Co.,
New York

Hiking Trails:
Camp Smith Trail: Blue blaze

Total Time: 2:25 Hours
Estimated Distance: 2.6 miles

Pros: Good climb, excellent views
Cons: Difficulty parking, trail may be busy
Hike Type: Up and Down Same Route
Level of Difficulty: Difficult, especially in snowy and icy conditions

Map of Route:

Hiking Partners:
Joseph Friedman
Elisha Friedman

The end of the previous week had warmed up, and although much of the snow had melted, there was still plenty of soft snow on the ground. The weather was seasonably cold, slightly above freezing, with a prediction for rain in the afternoon. It was cloudy and a bit windy, but there were several wet and muddy parts of the hike on the south-facing flanks of the mountain where the sun shone strongly.

We parked in the parking area in the bend on Routes 6/202. There isn't much parking here so on busy weekends it's recommended to come here early. On this day with snow covering the ground and rain in the forecast there weren't many cars here so plenty of parking space.

We took the Camp Smith Trail up, past the first view, where I broke my camera lens while accidentally dropping one. We continued up the trail, with the steep part up being very difficult with a combination of ice, snow, water, and mud. I took some pictures at the peak (with my phone camera at this point), and then headed back down along the same route back to my car.

Map of the Route

Information Kiosk at the Beginning of the Hike

Start of the Hike

Broccy Creek at the Beginning of the Hike

Crossing Broccy Creek

Approaching the First View at Anthony's Nose

At the First View, Facing Hudson River and Bear Mountain

View Across the River Looking Towards Iona Island and West Mountain

Iona Island and Dunderberg Mountain

 Me at the First View

Bear Mountain from Across the Hudson River

Looking Ahead to the Anthony's Nose Summit

Overnight Campers at the First View

Small Pond at the First View

Warning Sign of Keeping out of the Live Firing Range

View from the Second View and the Bear Mountain Bridge

Bear Mountain Years from the Second View

Me at the Second View

Me Overlooking the Bear Mountain and Popolopen Gorge Bridges

Me on the Anthony's Nose Summit

View from Anthony's Nose Summit

View Facing South from the Anthony's Nose Summit

Sign to the Anthony's Nose Overlook at the Bear Mountain Bridge

Bear Mountain from Across Anthony's Nose

View from the Summit, Looking Across the Hudson River

View of Dunderberg Mountain

View Overlooking the Bear Mountain Bridge from Anthony's Nose

Me at the Overlook Above the Bear Mountain Bridge

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