Sunday, February 7, 2021

Campgaw Mountain Snowstorm

Campgaw Mountain Reservation
Bergen Co.,
New Jersey

Hiking Trails:
Hemlock Trail: Pink blaze
Old Cedar Trail: Red blaze
Rocky Ridge Trail: Blue blaze

Total Time: 1:15
Estimated Distance: 2.1 miles

Pros: Many trails in the area
Cons: View isn't great, especially in the snow
Hike Type: Loop hike
Level of Difficulty: Moderate (though difficult in snow)

Map of Route:

Hiking Partner:
Shimon Rosenberg 

Shimon Rosenberg and I have been talking for a long time to get out and hike together. It took the worst of weather conditions to get us out together hiking. Not the weather for the fainthearted, this hike took place in the midst of a Winter Storm Warning. The snow was intense with about six inches total. It had also snowed the week before, in the form of a giant, two footer Nor'easter.

We took the opportunity to hike at Campgaw, which features many short trails and loops, affording us an easy exit should the situation deteriorate. I came prepared with snow crampons and winter gear, which protected me during the heavy snowfall and very cold temperatures.

We parked at the large parking lot near Fyke Brook, taking the Hemlock Trail for a very short distance to the Old Cedar Trail for another very short distance, and then to the  Rocky Ridge Trail, which we took up the mountain. We then took the Old Cedar Trail along the ridge to the summit atop the ski hill. We then took the Rocky Ridge Trail down the mountain, parallel to the ski and tubing slope. The ski hill and tubing hill were very busy despite the weather conditions. 

We then walked along the ski area, bushwacking down the hill to the Fyke Pond. We then walked along the north side of the pond, at the dam, up the road and back to the parking lot.

Map of the Route

Shimon at the Beginning of the Hike

Me and Shimon at the Beginning of the Hike

Me and Shimon on the Rocky Ridge Trail

Warning of Bear Activity on the Trailhead

Me on the Snowy Hike

Rocky Ridge Trail in the Snow

Approaching the Summit and the Top of the Ski Area at Campgaw

Me and Shimon on the Top of Campgaw

Ski Lift at Campgaw

Looking Down at the Ski Area at Campgaw

Players Playing Disc Golf on a Snowy Day

Throwing the Tethered Frisbee at Disc Hockey

Monster Ski Equipment at the Base of the Mountain

Frozen Fyke Pond

Me and Shimon at a Frozen Fyke Pond

Snowy Scene at the Fyke Pond Outlet

Fyke Pond from the Dam

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